Welcome to my personal page and blog. My name is Sebastian Solnica and I work as a System Engineer. I am deeply interested in debugging, profiling and application security (mainly .NET and Windows). On this site you may find various materials I released in these areas. I hope you will find them informative and beneficial to your own projects.

I invite you to contact me via the contact form with any comments and suggestions.

Open Source Projects

I specialize in small, command line tools, aimed at helping you diagnose various problems in your applications. The table below lists some of them, others can be found on my GitHub page.

Name Description
wtrace a command line tracing tool for Windows, based on ETW
procgov an application which allows you to set limits on a process memory and CPU usage
Debug Recipes my notes collected while debugging various .NET and Windows problems
Diagnostics Kit a set of tools and libraries to effectively work with logs generated in .NET applications
send2procmon a command line tool that sends its input data to a running procmon instance


Most of the posts on my blog relate to asp.net security, .net debugging and application/system tracing. But I also touch the subjects of network protocols and system internals. If you find my writing interesting, consider following me.

Upcoming Talks

The events where I will be presenting (and occasions to meet in person):

My earlier talks (with links to materials) are listed on the presentations page.