On this page you can find materials and links to my presentations. Let me know if you are interested in a debugging/profiling training.

Upcoming Talks

2017.10.14 – ASP.NET Cryptography (Security BSides Warsaw)
2017.10.20 – Securing .NET applications in Azure (.NET Developer Days)

My earlier talks

2017.02.15 – Your application’s secret life (Białystok .NET Group) [Materials]

2016.12.03 – Diagnosing applications with WinDbg (devWarsztaty – Wrocław) [Materials]
2016.11.24 – Your application’s secret life (KMD Meetup) [Materials]
2016.06.23 – Case of a deadlock (Warsaw .NET Group) [Materials | Video]
2016.06.18 – Diagnosing applications with WinDbg (devWarsztaty) [Materials]
2016.04.21 – HTTPS (Warsaw .NET Group) [Materials]
2016.01.26 – Dump files (Warsaw Windows Internals) [Materials]

2015.08.25 – How does the debugger work? (Warsaw Windows Internals) [Materials]
2015.08.20 – NetExt (Warsaw .NET Group) [Materials]
2015.03.19 – The story of an async problem (Warsaw .NET Group) [Materials | Video]
2015.01.15 – Debugging in Visual Studio (Łódzka Grupa .NET) [Materials | Video]

2014.01.16 – Visual Studio debugger tips & tricks (Warsaw .NET Group) [Materials]

2013.03.14 – Case of Diagnostics: Dumps (Warsaw .NET Group) [Materials]
2013.08.29 – Case of Diagnostics: SQL queries (Warsaw .NET Group) [Materials]

2012.03.22 – Using Windows Infrastructure in Application Diagnostics (Warsaw .NET Group) [Materials]

2011.11.17 – Debugging Symbols internals (Warsaw .NET Group) [Materials]